KO_OP is an artist run and owned studio. Founded in 2012, we've been experimenting with games and interactive art ever since. In 2014 we established the KOLAB fund, a small stipend for outside artists to make games with our help.


Samuel Boucher is a KO_OP art director and designer. Sam acts as design and art lead on GNOG.

Omar Dabbous is the KO_OP sound director. He makes spine tingly sound effects and soundscapes.

Saleem Dabbous is the co-founder and studio director. He manages the operations and acts as producer on KO_OP projects.

Ramsey Kharroubi is KO_OP's in-house musician and sound designer. He's currently composing the soundscapes of GNOG.

G.P. Lackey is a KO_OP art director and designer known for both his pixel art and low-poly 3D work, alongside his art generators.

Nick Rudzicz is a KO_OP programmer and designer. He keeps the GNOG heads happy and well-oiled.

Lucie Viatge is a KO_OP art director and designer. She is a multi-disciplinary artist witch, also known as part of the Klondike Collective.

Bronson Zgeb is the co-founder of KO_OP and programmer. He's most famously known for creating the Scrullz series.


Paloma Dawkins is the Beyonce of videogames. She is responsible for Gardenarium.

Pol Clarissou makes things with computers, and thinks a lot about how we interact with them.


KO_OP takes on contract work from time to time. For business inquiries contact us.