KO_OP is an artist run and owned studio. Founded in 2012, we've been experimenting with games and interactive art ever since. In 2014 we established the KOLAB fund, a small stipend for outside artists to make games with our help.


Samuel Boucher - Artist & Designer

is a KO_OP art director and designer. Sam acts as design and art lead on GNOG.

Omar Dabbous - Audio Director

KO_OP sound director. He makes spine tingly sound effects and soundscapes.

Saleem Dabbous - Studio Director

is the co-founder and studio director. He manages the operations and acts as producer on KO_OP projects.

G.P. Lackey - Artist & Designer

is a KO_OP art director and designer known for both his pixel art and low-poly 3D work, alongside his art generators.

Nick Rudzicz - Programmer

is a KO_OP programmer and designer. He keeps the GNOG heads happy and well-oiled.

Lucie Viatge - Art Director and Designer

is a KO_OP art director and designer. She is a multi-disciplinary artist witch, also known as part of the Klondike Collective.

Marcela Huerta - Community Manager

is the KO_OP community manager and can be found working to create kinder, more inclusive online spaces.

Hope Erin Phillips - Programmer

is a KO_OP programmer & flow chart enthusiast with a background in interactive & new media art.

Kyle McKernan - Artist and Designer

Kyle is an artist, designer and animator with a background in graphic design and typography.

Kolab Alumni

Paloma Dawkins

is the Beyonce of videogames. She is responsible for Gardenarium.

Pol Clarissou

makes things with computers, and thinks a lot about how we interact with them.

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